California goes bankrupt – a picture perfect ending for California jack ass politicians



Is it just me, or is California a microcosm of the Bailout culture Washington so easily endorses?  I mean, can you really blame California politicians for the budget problems and the fact that California’s budget is so out of control?  Heck, California just wants to follow the guidance of their wonderful leaders – from Gov. Arnold Shwarznegger to Nancy Pelosi – they’re just disciples of fiscal conservatism!  What should Americans, and more importantly, Californians, really expect from their jack ass politicians?

I’ve been disgusted by the inability of our “leaders” to come up with plans that actually work.  The whole system is so entirely ridiculous that one wonders when all this rubbish will just go away.

Let’s analyze the problems:

#1 – We have a Federal Reserve that issues fiat money in the USA.  The Federal Reserve note is “legal tender” and is required by law for companies to accept.  The problem is, the Federal Reserve can print and manipulate the money supply however it sees fit.  It believes it can just “print money out of thin air” and everything will be okay.  That’s issue #1.

#2 – California has a shrinking tax base.  People have been migrating OUT of California left and right because socialism and redistribution of wealth has been moving at a quick pace in California.  For the $42 billion dollar deficit, California raised the sales tax to almost 10%!  That’s absurd!  Talk about slavery.  Californians are slaves to taxes that are going to continue to get worse.

#3 – The people in charge in California are incompetent.  No offense, but where were all the red flags early on in the process!?!  Did California politicians just think to themselves, “it’s okay – Washington will bail us out.” – What impacts California is really impacting the rest of the USA.  Nancy Pelosi and Arnold Schwarznegger have not done ANYTHING to help.  In fact, they’ve “socialized” more and more shrinking the tax base even further.  Why would any honorable Patriot want to put the shackles of taxation – especially at the rate of California – any further?

California has proven to be incompetent.  California politicians are jack asses.  Bankruptcy is immoral and wrong.  Is it any wonder California citizens are upset?  It’s time to vote every last one of those imbeciles OUT!



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