Ron Paul to Republican Party… “You can go to Hell, Hell, Hell….”

Ron Paul campaigns in 2012

Without actually saying the words, “You can go to Hell, Hell, Hell” – Ron Paul basically told the GOP to go sit on a spiked fence… and justifiably so! This is what Ron Paul said in a Bloomberg interview on August 31, 2012:

“It’s not my party. I don’t like politics at all. And I think both parties are Keynesian economists and both parties support the positions that I don’t like. So the party in many ways, is irrelevant.” – Ron Paul

Here’s the rest of the interview answers Ron Paul gave:

“First off, some of the delegates walked out – but alot of them were kicked out because they didn’t get seated although they had won fairly and squarely.”

“I still remain very very skeptical of hearing anything that will change the course of history. We have a debt problem – we have a spending problem but how many things did he list to cut? The engine of our problem, the Federal Reserve – there was no talk of the Federal Reserve. And one of the engines of spending is militarism and empire and he enhanced it. He was pushing on this issue. It’s interesting – Clint Eastwood said a few things in his speech that may be the reason the Romney people being unhappy because he was complaining about Obama saying he was going to get out of Afghanistan, he says, why dont they get out tomorrow? Oh you were going to close down Guantanomo, you didn’t do that. I think the Romney people might be pretty unhappy because Clint Eastwood was suggesting maybe we should have some change in policy. I don’t see where there was any significant change in policy. No change in economic policy. No change in spending. And, hopefully he’s right and he’s going to create all these jobs but quite frankly, only the market create jobs, governments can’t and presidents don’t do it.”

“Bernanke is a target. Bernanke is just the Fed chairman. It’s central banking that is the problem. Why do we have a consensus in central banking that you can inflate when you want to print money. Now we’re worried about unemployment – what tool are they going to use? The only thing they have is print money. They have printed money like crazy, they’ve tripled the money supply. The banks are flooded with money. And then the Fed pays the banks to put money in storage. No – we have to hear some changes. The central banking failed. It’s price fixing. The most important thing in a market economy is to have free market rates of interests to tell people what’s going on. We haven’t had that. That creates your bubbles. It’s creates the crisis. And then when you further fix the rates of interest it prolongs the agony. So what you want is to get rid of the Fed and fixing interest rates and manipulating the money supply and pretending they are the super economic planners. As long as we have that concept, we are going to linger a long time because debt is the problem and nobody’s willing to face up to it and I certainly didn’t hear that last night (at the RNC speeches)

Congress can do a whole lot. They can cut spending. They’re the ones who spend the money.

You want to return the money to the people. We slash taxes and slash spending after World War 2 and everybody says, “oh we’re going back to the depression” but the depression finally ended when taxes went down 30% and spending went down probably 50%. By that time alot of the debt had been liquidated – it took probably 15 years to liquidate the debt – you have to get rid of the debt. And all we’re doing is accumulating debt, and as long as you do that the burden and interest rates will rise. They can not prevent this. They will rise regardless of how much the FED does once the perception is its better to put money in material goods rather than park it in a treasury bill and make less than 1%. So interest rates will rise and this whole thing is going to come down and I think we’re facing a crisis much much bigger than the one in 08′.

“It’s not my party. I don’t like politics at all. And I think both parties are Keynesian economists and both parties support the positions that I don’t like. So the party in many ways, is irrelevant. I’m super pleased on what’s working. My guess is we got about 2 million votes and our appeal right now is to independents and democrats so we have doubled that number and these people want their freedom. They want sound money. They want to bring the troops home. They want the wars to end. They want the spending to quit. That’s where I’m so encouraged. A whole generation of young people are so excited about this and they know what they’re getting. And all the talk – they don’t believe in this because they’ve heard it for too long. And now, they’re energized. So I am super energized and optimistic about what’s happening because the ideas are changing – what I’m talking about is an idealogical revolution, much bigger than alot of people realize. But this system that we have today, the Keynesian economics systems and this welfare system that we have is ending …. and people have to realize it.”

Go Ron Paul!

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